Uptive vs. Others

See how Uptive compares to other active sitting solutions.
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Uptive vs Fitness/Balance Balls

A Fitness Ball is great for short-term active sitting. It has True Active Freedom™, it is soft and can tilt in any directions but its not designed for a full day of office work. That’s because retaining the balance on a fitness ball can be quite strenuous, wearing most people out very quickly and leaving them sitting in a worse posture than they did in a traditional chair.

In comparison, Uptive offers a similar freedom with much better ergonomy and comfort. Instead of sitting on an inflated plastic surface, an Uptive enabled chair has an adjustable seat with all the lumbar support of your regular “office chair”. Basically, Uptive has all the benefits of a fitness ball without any of its detractions.


Uptive vs. Ball ChairS

While a Ball Chair (like the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair) may have some back support, it’s ergonomy and comfort stil can’t be compared to a proper office chair, equipped with Uptive’s technology.


Uptive vs. Leaning Stools

Leaning and wobble stools like the Move chair by Varier or the Focal’s Mobis Upright Seat are popular active sitting solutions but they represent a different ergonomy from Uptive. They are more short term (sit-standing) solutions and are not designed for a day long office work.


Uptive vs Pivoting CHAIRS

There are good active chair mechanisms like the the BackApp’s pivoting center ball or the tilting spring solution of Aeris’s Swooper but they still lack the True Active Freedom™ of Uptive. These chairs pivot around a single point while Uptive’s pivot point is not fixed. Uptive can move and tilt in any direction at the same time, which gives an Uptive equipped chair a superior flexibility and freedom.


Uptive vs. CoreChair

A CoreChair has a fixed pivotal point under its seat while Uptive’s moving pivotal point is near the ground. While on an Uptive chair your body movement is free over a larger radius, on a CoreChair it’s more focused to the hip.


Comparison Chart