Uptive  was invented by Ferenc Benesch. He studied at a technical college in Hungary and studied design in Spain and the UK. He has a degree in 3D / Product Design. His design work was awarded by British Designers and Art Directors Association (D&AD) with a Yellow Pencil.


Ferenc started to feel the damaging effects of stationary sitting (caused by a large amount of office related work) and started to experience severe back pain. He looked for a solution but wasn’t happy with the existing ones on the market and decided to develop a completely new system. After years of extensive research, many failed concepts and prototypes the idea of Uptive came to life. Ferenc filed the utility patent in December 2018.


His mission was helped by a large group of experts, friends and family. His dad Ferenc Benesch Sr. a known designer /engineer, is the lead advisor on technical questions. His uncle Dr. Thomas Benesch, a chief physician and chiropractic treatment expert is helping with health and ergonomy issues. Michael Lantos, international patent lawyers is in charge of patent development and Klara Jokai lead strategic planner is advising on research and strategy.